A new missionaries perspective.

Cuba, in short.   So many photo ops. . . Every day felt like I was walking through a museum, stepping back in time. It was hard for me, emotionally & mentally. I expected Cuba to be more restricting for me actually, because of all I've 'heard' about that place. But the Indigenous people were some of the most generous & beautiful people I've ever met in ALL of my travels. They were kind & gracious. They were genuine. ---Gods love for these people was evident to me. Behind their eyes I could see so much pain, frustration, sadness, unfulfilled desire, . .   But their spirits are being kept up by the grace of God alone. Their government wants to keep them down, but the ones who know Christ have a light in their eyes that is unmistakable. They are saved, & they know it :) -- My parents & I were being taxied around & some lady gave me the middle finger, for no apparent reason. And MANY of the locals OUTSIDE the church wouldn't smile at me unless I smiled sweetly first. But in my peripheral, I could see their smile drop away FAST as soon as they passed. On the Other hand, the Christians held my gaze & their smiles were sincere. Our hosts gave us their best. They CLEARLY L.O.V.E my father. A couple of them even took me aside to sing his praises to me. They love both my parents, & are grateful for all they do there in Cuba.-- Indignation & Pride have no place in their hearts. They are truly blessed people. They have God's focus right now. God says in his word that "The meek shall inherit the earth" and I do believe that the Cuban people that I met. . . Are some of these people. :)